The Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Sheikh Yusuf Idais visiting Friends of the Blind Association

زيارة وزير الأوقاف الشيخ يوسف ادعيس لجمعية أصدقاء الكفيف

   The Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Sheikh Yusuf Idais and his accompanying group visited Friends of the Blind Association / Al-Bireh. Also they toured on the sections and departments of Al-Qabas School for visually impaired through the classrooms, the library, the printing department of Braille books, the educational computer  lap for the visually impaired, boys and girls hostel, and the kitchen and dining hall.

   Throughout the ceremony The impaired students presented many activities.
   The Minister and his accompanying group have expressed deep admiration for this scientific edifice, achievements and services, high-level services served for visually impaired students on Al-Qabas School, as well as admiration for the performance of qualified staff of teachers and supervisors and the library employees, which reflected upon the students educational  level ,  self-confidence, overcome difficulties, performance skills, and dealing with computer.Also they admired every part of the school, especially the computer and Braille printing section, to help them live with dignity and self-reliance.
   The president of the Association Mr Hayyan Al-Idrisi deeply thanked the Minister of Awqaf and his accompanying group for their  generous step of  visiting the Association, and gave them an explanation about the association and the services it provides.

The Minister promised to stand by and bring support for this edifice, which depends on charity and alms. Where students  receive all services from kindergarten to the tenth class for free and without any fees because they are poor and come from low-income families.


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May 22, 2016

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