Computers Lab

%d9%a2%d9%a0%d9%a1%d9%a6%d9%a0%d9%a2%d9%a0%d9%a8_%d9%a1%d9%a1%d9%a5%d9%a2%d9%a4%d9%a7    The friend of the blind Association has been always keen on acquiring the latest in the educational and technology field to facilitate achieving its goals in serving the blind. Therefore the first division for computers was opened in 1993 with the support and fund of El- Kuwait Arab fund, the Association recruited and trained teachers so they can assess in the teaching computer field. The computer course becomes a major course taught in the school program. The course is given to the grade till the 11th grade. The Association provides the school with electronic printers supported by computers to substitute the manual printing of Braille books. The computers have a special sensor that is automatically works by the touch of the student for the reading and writing purposes.

    In 2003 Al Aqsa fund provided and funded the Association with 11 highly technical computers upgraded and installed with specialized programs for blind such as, (Sakher program), in addition to that the donor party prepared a hall of 200 meters squared for the computer section and equipped it with all the needed furniture. Other Parties support the Association such as Arab Emirates Red Crescent with a grant that covered the buying expenses of the Educational Professional program that assesses in training and directing the blind on turning on the computer, typing, reading, using the Internet. The Association seeks for finding another party to fundraise another project that is buying electronic devices that facilitate in the reading, typing process. In addition to another program called (Hall) this program reads loudly so the blind could easily read the information on the internet.

    The Association also aims at supplying the school with other programs for the blind teaches the blind various important subjects such as drawing, Math, Science. The Association will open a center to conduct courses for the students from other schools, collages and universities.

   The Association seeks to print books in the Braille System include tips and instructions in using the computers.

   The Association welcomes all the questions and information about the devices and programs used in the school.