The library and the Printing Section is a building of 20 meters squared was established as a main section at the school. The association used the section for printing the Curriculum of the School conducting the old technology using the copier machine (Thermoform) that works by warming up plastic papers and copy the printed letters on another manual printing machine (Perkins).


   In 1992 the association develops the printing section to assess the process of providing the library with required books. This crucial step was finally achieved by buying the printers connected to the computers that facilitate the process of printing.

   In 1995 the library was moved to another larger area of 240 meters squared the library was equipped by all the essentials such as, furniture, disks, and magnifiers, projectors linked to camera or computers.


   The association accomplished printing requested books for all educational levels including the books being changed by the Ministry of Education. In addition to all extra curriculum books the process of printing is continuously; because of the limited access of importing them, and due the high coast of Braille books and papers.


In 2004 the association for the first time wins tender on printing books in Braille language the project was proposed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the sake of blind students attending public schools. This project was successfully accomplished by the fund provided by the Islam Bank for Development. The association concerns on developing the section it aim to supply the section with highly technical devices, such as machines for binding books purposes.

The Association will propose a new study proposal about building a hearing library:

  • Recording room should be well isolated for story and novel recording purposes on Cd or Video tape.
  • Equipping the library and a put a concrete plan for the library performance and methodology.

Therefore the association is seeking to find an interested party in funding this project. Taking into consideration the great support and assist for the students in the West Bank.

The association willingness to cooperate with any other association in providing printed books.