Maintenance unit

   Blind people in Palestine used to print their books on a pierced metal board by putting the paper beneath the board then they start typing the letters by using a special nail. This highlights that this process is so difficult and inefficient besides the fact that it consumes time and effort. The Association can not afford the expenses of buying the American Braille Berkinz manual printer which was produced long ago. Due the lack of the financial sources the Association can not purchase such a machine.

The number of devices is increased, but due the lack of maintenance centers and professional technicians in the West Bank forces the Association to send the damaged devices to other places such as Telaviv which in return the fixing process cost is high, besides the delay in delivering the devices. The reasons mentioned above force the Association to appoint unprofessional technicians that leads to damaging the devices or keeping them on hold waiting for fixing or updating.


   In 1997 the Association established the first maintenance center it also hires very qualified technician for the fixing purposes. In 2003 the Islamic Bank for Development supply the association with the essential and spare, substitute devices for the fixing purposes these devices are imported from the major production factory of the printers used in the school. The association is considered as the pioneer in Palestine that establishes such a center it supports, and fixes devices for other schools or association for free. It charges only for the spare device. The association offers free services for the printing books for other associations.