Mobility Training


   The role of the school starts from this level; where different techniques should be practiced to avoid this psychological problem as the following:

   Teachers should trained them on how to walk alone without any assistant the trains covers the following , walking on the street using the stick, narrow roads, entering or exiting from a building, market, changing directions, open and close doors, all that happened easily without accidents if the blind activates his other senses such as the touching, hearing senses.

  • Teaching girls the basics of cooking, organizing and cleaning their rooms.

  •    Training courses towards strengthening the concept of independence / wearing cloths, using bathrooms, eating habits, acting , singing participating in different activities
  • Correcting and directing student whenever they make odd movements.
  •    Teachers through creating new educational methods can easily assess the gaining knowledge process.
  • Purchasing all the updated and highly technological machines to develop students abilities and skills.