Fateh Youth Movement donated Eid clothing for the blind students in Al-Qabas school within the action of (Eid is upon us)

قام وفد من حركة الشبيبة الفتحاوية بزيارة مقر جمعية أصدقاء الكفيف والتبرع بكسوة العيد لصالح الطلاب المكفوفين ضمن حملة (عيدك علينا)

A group from the Fateh Youth Movement-Ramallah and Al-Bireh visited Friends of the Blind Association and donated Eid clothing to blind students in the occasion of  Eid al-Fitr within the action of (Eid is upon us).

Sheihk Hayyan Helmi Idreisi the president of the Friends of the Blind Association and the headmistress of Al Qabas School Mrs. Suha welcomed the visitors and thanked them a lot, also they appreciated their efforts for this generous humanitarian gesture in standing beside the people with disabilities in Palestine.

Then they went into a tour around the association (classrooms, the maintenance department, hostel, computer lab, printing unit, and the supplementary tools section), and introduced them to the activities and services provided by the association for the blind students.


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July 5, 2016

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