School in lines


   Al-Qabs School was established since 1978 by the Association within the authorization of teaching blind students from Kindergarten till the twelfth grade. Located in El- Bireh City, AlShurafa block. Al-Qabs School begins the Educational process by hiring six professional teachers, teaching only four classes in a very small rented department in Al- Bireh City.

miss-suhad-s    Having a great reputation meant more students, large places, more classes, and finally recruiting more teachers, therefore the Association moved towards constructing a proper building for blinds that includes Al-Qabs Schools, Hostels, kitchens, but still the Association didn’t manage to absorb the large numbers of the students so another floor was built that was funded by the Islamic Bank for development –Jaddah. However the building is divided into the followings:

The grand floor was designed for the maintenance section, kitchen, dinning room, the school and finally the administrative board, while the internal dormitory is in the first floor.