The general director of special education Mohammed Hawash visits Friends of the Blind Association to discuss ways of cooperation between the parties

زيارة مدير عام الإرشاد والتربية الخاصة الأستاذ محمد الحواش جمعية أصدقاء الكفيف في البيرة لبحث سبل التعاون المشترك بين الطرفين

   The General Director of Special Education Mr. Mohammad Hawash and a group of his crew visited Friends of the Blind Association/Al- Qabas School for Visually Impaired. Sheikh Hayyan Helmi Idreisi the president of the Association and the academic and administrative staff of Al Qabas School welcomed the visitors.

   This visit comes to introduce and insure the ways of cooperation between the Ministry of education and the Friends of the Blind Association.

   Dr. Mohammad Hawash admired the high level of experience and performance of the Association which has advanced buildings and modern techniques specialized for visually impaired. Also he appreciated the featured performance of the teachers which is reflected in the student’s academic level.

   They continued their tour and inspected the different departments: library, computer lab, maintenance unit, printing department, the kitchen and the hostel.

   At the end of his visit, Mr. Mohammad Hawash expressed the desire and readiness of the ministry of education to cooperate and start new work with the Association for the benefit of visually impaired students.

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February 20, 2017