Dr. Layla Ghannam visiting to Al-Qabas school for vision disability in Eid Al Adha .

Mr Hayyan Al Idrisy the head of the association, with the headmistress Suha Affoneh and others welcomed  Dr. Layla Ghannam (Ramallah and Al Bireh governor) visited visually impaired children in the association in Al Bireh to congratulate them in Eid Al adha.

Throughout the ceremony The impaired students presented many activities (poems, songs in Arabic and Turkish languages),then gifts were given for them by Dr. Layla  who congratulates them in Al Adha Eid and hopes for them a hopeful life.

Mr. Hayyan with the administrative members thanked Dr. Layla Ghannam for this humanitarian Initiative, and they asked the rich and companies to follow her in this step for humanitarian works.


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September 21, 2015

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